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  • The Product-led Marketing (PLM) database is now officially open-source

The Product-led Marketing (PLM) database is now officially open-source

Check out over 300+ PLM examples from over 200+ companies

The Product-led Marketing (PLM) database is officially open-source.

There are over 300+ examples of PLM tactics from over 150+ companies!

I suggest filtering by theme or tactic to help narrow down the list.

Thank you to plgexamples.com as the first contributor to the PLM database. Specifically, a special shoutout to my colleague Mario Araujo for collaborating on this database.

Anyone can add to this database.

If you see or have a great example of a PLM tactic, please submit your idea by clicking the CTA button at the top of the database. A form will pop up like this:

Add to database form

Each PLM example must have:

  1. Company

  2. Tactic

  3. Theme

  4. Website URL example

  5. Image - a screenshot of the example

  6. Your name (optional) - if you’d like to be credited

Tactics and themes are predefined based on industry patterns and originating from my PLM guide:

There are so many different PLM strategies.

  1. Ungate part of your product or tool, and give it away for free.

  2. Showcase your feature-rich product in an interactive demo.

  3. Construct a horizontal SEO engine with product templates.

  4. Write content specifically tackling a problem and tell everyone that your product is the solution.

  5. And the list goes on…

Efficiency is the biggest focus for SaaS companies right now. Driving more demand is less efficient than converting that demand. Increasing the conversion rate is a much bigger lever.

I encourage marketing and growth leaders to not reinvent the wheel.

The PLM database has hundreds of winning examples of tactics that work. However, make no mistake, launching a PLM tactic requires at least 1-2 months of focus. It requires resources from cross-functional teams. Marketing teams can often get caught up with moving fast for the short term, while non-marketing teams have a biased luxury to move a bit slower.

Don’t get stuck in the short term. Build your engine for long-term growth.

Put your heads down and build!

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