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The name is...Marketing. Product-led Marketing.

The first custom GPT4 created for Product-led Marketing (PLM). Here's why I am doubling down on PLM in 2024.

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a meaningful holiday and well-deserved time off. It’s now 2024. Let’s get started!

One year ago, I posted this on LinkedIn about PLM:

I started my ambitious endeavor to be an active voice in the growth SaaS world of Product-led Marketing (PLM) and how it will matter in 2023. People are noticing. Companies are adopting. And I’m happy to see it!

As a reminder:

Product-led marketing (PLM) is a marketing strategy that leverages the product itself, or parts of the product, to reach potential users by way of moving up the product funnel.

PLM Recap in 2023:

  1. I participated in 4 collaborative PLM discussions with Amplitude, Userled, Navattic, and ProductLed.

  2. I wrote about PLM over 30+ times on LinkedIn last year

  3. I launched a PLM guide

  4. I created a PLM database

I am doubling down in 2024

Product-led marketing strategies are increasing rapidly across the SaaS world with more and more companies and leaders talking about PLM:

Organic search listings from “product led marketing”

Why is Product-led Marketing taking off?

  1. PLM is a fantastic demand capture strategy in sales-led and product-led growth companies

  2. PLM strategies reduce CAC payback and every SaaS can’t afford to spend $10 to earn $1.

  3. PLM is the best strategy to bridge the gap between Product-led Acquisition and Marketing-led Acquisition

  4. PLM ideas are fantastic opportunities to remove siloed teams and foster more collaborative thinking across the org.

📈 The Product-led Marketing (PLM) Database

With over 70+ examples of PLM across tactics and themes, I’ve been slowly building and adding to the PLM database.

Each example can be filtered by tactic:
  1. Communities

  2. Integrations

  3. Templates

  4. Demos

  5. Meta Experiences

  6. Product Content

  7. Sidecar Product

  8. Ungated Experiences

Each example can be filtered by theme:
  1. Distribution

  2. SEO

  3. Dynamic

  4. Regenerative

🔑 The 2024 Product-led Marketing Guide

The PLM database supports the PLM deep dive guide. Understand the critical importance of product-led marketing for scaling growth, and unlock practical strategies on how to execute.

The guide goes into detail on:

  1. The strategies of PLM

  2. Difference between PLG and PLM

  3. How PMM fits into PLM

  4. The PLM Flywheel

  5. and much more!

🤩 My first custom GPT4 made for Product-led Marketing (PLM)

We have a guide. We have a database. Now we need a personal advisor chat bot. ✅ 

I’ve always wanted to make a custom GPT specifically on PLM. I created one called: Product Led Marketing Strategic Advisor (PLG)

You can easily search for the Product Led Marketing Strategic Advisor (PLG) in the Explore section of GPT4. I’ve trained the custom GPT on all things PLM, including the guide, the database, and other helpful resources.

I’ve created helpful prompts to get started such as:

  1. How can I implement PLM in my company?

  2. What PLM tactic should I focus on first?

This is a V1 of the GPT and will improve with time and feedback…which is always welcomed!

I am excited to announce that 2024 will be the year of guest authors. Can’t wait to have community experts share their personal experiences working in growth!

The first guest post will be on Jan 15th!

There are 3 openings left for this year. If you have a passionate topic to write about, I want to know. Please DM me on LinkedIn or reply to this email.

Thanks for being a reader!

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