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How PMM can lead PLS, segment messaging in PLG, pricing chatGPT has started

7 days without a pun

Makes one weak.

Welcome to the PLG Recap 📈 

I spend all week deep diving into the best PLG LinkedIn posts so you don't have to.

Here are my top 5 favorites from last week! 🔥

1️⃣ Anthony Pierri

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Strategy or Tactic? Tactic

Growth lever = Product-led sales


  • Is product marketing currently supporting your product-led sales strategy?

  • Anthony shares his persona & use-case value propositions so that sales reps can be more equipped to turn PQLs into closed-won opportunities

  • Leverage product signals into different persona buckets across different use cases. Segmenting and personalization are key in PLG.

  • Utilize PMMs to be superpower segmenters dividing up each use case into capabilities, features, and benefits.

2️⃣ Robert Kaminski

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Strategy or Tactic? Tactic

Growth lever = All levers


  • Robert shares an awesome PLG teardown on messaging using our favorite PLG company, Calendly, as an example.

  • The right message at the right time is critical because the user journey spans across acquisition, activation (retention), and conversion (monetization). So where do we start?

  • Acquisition = Sharing the booking link

    • Messaging: what is the product and what is the problem

    • Where to message: marketing campaigns and landing pages

  • Activation = Setting up an event

    • Messaging: follow a feature flow and experience the capability

    • Where to message: in-app lifecycle and flows

  • Monetization = Extra calendars, events, and customizations

    • Messaging: next level capabilities and scale promised benefits

    • Where to message: upgrade prompts, pricing page, and email

  • TLDR; be clear and match the messaging to the user journey

3️⃣ Kyle Poyar

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Strategy or Tactic? Tactics

Growth lever = Monetization


  • ChatGPT is being bundled into various offerings across major PLG players in the market. But how should AI be priced? The early adopters set the market rates.

  • Pricing strategies consist of:

    • Freemium and free plans are letting users try AI like Notion and Copy.ai for free.

    • Usage-based paywalls are the most common in tandem with a free plan. These tools such as Canva and Writer allow you to try out ChatGPT but either hit a paywall or have to upgrade to a paid plan.

  • The bigger players can afford to bundle chatGPT AI services within their larger plans and use this as an experiment to gather data on conversion and usage.

  • Newer players and AI-first companies like Copy.ai and Jasper will be more sensitive to pricing strategies since they are less diversified.

4️⃣ Yaakov Carno

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Strategy or Tactic? Tactic

Growth lever = Retention


  • Yaakov's middle name is “The PLG Flywheel” because I’d be surprised if you haven’t seen it yet but this time, he shares the specific metrics to track along the way!

  • My favorite metrics to call out:

    • Time-to-value (TTV)

    • User-generated content rate (curious how this one is measured 🤔)

    • Feature usage rate

  • Feature usage rate is often forgotten. Product leaders know when to sunset a product feature because its usage is no longer driving business impact.

  • Advocate → Activate → Adopt → Adore

5️⃣ Krista Martin

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Strategy or Tactic? Tactic

Growth lever = Monetization


  • I love this! Applying the product/company lifecycle adoption curve is so important to the PLG tactics and strategies

  • It’s all about segmentation, messaging, and understanding the behavior of your end users because it will determine the likelihood and method by which they adopt your product

  • Innovators need a personal relationship and your personal time to make them successful. Remove friction at all costs, literally.

  • Early adopters need the vision. They will pay and use your freemium plan.

  • For the early majority, they will do due diligence and will require a prescriptive understanding of the value. Reverse trials and free team offerings are great PLG tactics.

6️⃣ My post of the week - To PLMor NOT to PLM🔴?

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