PLG Recap #27 - July Monthly Edition

I am dropping a full month of Recaps your way.

Welcome to the PLG Recap - July Monthly Edition

I spend all week deep diving into the best PLG LinkedIn posts so you don't have to.

Instead of my usual weekly drop, I am dropping a full month of Recaps your way.

Here are my favorites from July! 🔥 
(16 total, including 3 MVPs)

The MVPs

1️⃣ Leah Tharin’s PLG Guide for Sales-led Orgs


  1. For all Sales-led organizations or sales teams who are looking to adopt a PLG distribution model, this guide spells out everything you need to know!

  2. PLG does not mean “no sales”, it actually requires sales support.

  3. “Product-led Growth is not a product initiative. It’s also not a sales or marketing tool. It’s a company initiative”

  4. This guide summarizes and goes into massive depth on everything you need to know from team structure, focus areas, metrics, and strategies to scale PLG.

  5. PLG allows you to go downmarket in a traditional top-down sales-led org


  1. Ben’s post on how important feedback loops are for scaling Product-led Sales

  2. Check out this post if you want to bookmark a cheatsheet guide on which questions to ask for utilizing the right feedback loops

    • Inputs - improving the model

    • Scoring - are the playbooks right?

    • Action - audit and automate the steps taken to close a PQA

  3. Focusing on qualitative and quantitative feedback is crucial

  4. Ben has a neat diagram to help model this feedback PLS cycle:

    • Inputs → Scoring → Action → Review

3️⃣ Atir Rauf’s breakdown of how Clickup became a $150M ARR company


  1. Aatir shares an 18-slide deck on how Clickup became a $150M ARR company

  2. He shares tactics and strategies across all levers of growth!

  3. A few were aggressive SEO, developing a migration story, and clear pricing model with a freemium entry

  4. Leaning into PLG works…but it also doesn’t. It’s clear that Clickup’s strategy of leaning into PLG worked.

  5. It’s important to focus on all inputs to growth: acquisition, activation, and conversion - not just one. Then you layer in tactics and experiments over time.

PLG Highlights for July

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Product-led Sales:


Conversion & Monetization


Product Marketing

Product-led Marketing update

The PLM Database now has 66 examples! You can sort by tactic or theme.

If you missed the PLM Guide on how to create successful tactics and drive a strong PLM strategy, here it is:

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