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  • Growth Loop Basics 🔥 4 Truths about PLS 🔥 Growth Marketing for PLG

Growth Loop Basics 🔥 4 Truths about PLS 🔥 Growth Marketing for PLG

Why did the CPU go broke?

A reboot cleared out all of its cache.

Welcome to the PLG Recap 📈 

I spend all week deep diving into the best PLG LinkedIn posts so you don't have to.

Here are my top 5 favorites from last week! 🔥

1️⃣ Elena Verna

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Strategy or Tactic? Tactic

Growth lever = Acquisition


  • We all know about the Casual Contact growth loop. Reminder, this is when the company brands its “logo” on various properties when a user is on a free plan which helps acquire new users (think “made with [blank]). Superhuman takes a different approach to this growth tactic by incentivizing both parties.

  • Superhuman turns its branding into a referral affiliate link.

  • The growth loop:

    1. The customer sends an email with Superhuman in the footer

    2. Prospect sees an email with Superhamn logo branding

    3. Prospect uses the link to sign up for a Superhuman account

    4. New Customer is acquired

  • Offering a free month for the customer and the new user is a lubricant in this growth engine. Lubricants are designed to accelerate growth loops by removing friction.

2️⃣ Cameron Deatsch

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Strategy or Tactic? Tactics

Growth lever = All levers


  • Cameron shares his take on the 10 most important lessons and tactics when scaling PLG, using Atlassian has the Starchild! Reminder - this is $3 billion in revenue with $10k employees - that’s $300k/employee!

  • My favorite lessons in his playbook:

    1. Apply force for greater expansion - PLG is all about expansion and retention ARR vs net new logos. When you can generate self-serve monetization to expand the existing user base, you put less pressure on sales-led growth on ARR

    2. Avoid the Enterprise trap - this is a continued battle within B2B saas companies. Enterprise logos look attractive in the short term, but it’s at a great cost: long-term sustainability and scalability.

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Strategy or Tactic? Tactics

Growth lever = All levers


  • Massimo shares 4 hard things about PLS

  • But the juiciest information is in his 33-slide deck on the Psychology of “free” vs “free trial” a 60% increase in B2B signups! Check it out here!

  • My favorite quote: “IF the product is the main driver of growth, THEN you must shorten the distance to firsthand experience of product value”

4️⃣ Kyle Poyar

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Strategy or Tactic? Tactics

Growth lever = Acquisition


  • Let’s f*cking go! I love seeing growth marketing folks shine in the face of PLG. This specific story that Kyle so beautifully captured is so needed in the Growth Marketing (Acquisition) community.

  • Time and time again, I’ve struggled to capture the essence and patience needed to scale marketing-led acquisition in cross-functional teams because, in my experience, it’s not well understood.

  • Here comes Bruno, from Webflow, to give us a rundown on how he’s contributed to a $100M ARR

  • It’s table stakes that you must scale SEO and Paid marketing activities. However, it’s the how.

  • Horizontal or programmatic SEO is fundamental to Product-led Marketing (PLM) and Webflow has done this with Templates. (more on PLM here)

  • Creating a qualified signup metric based on signup questions and enrichment data is the key to fast learnings and data feedback loops. This ensures faster time to learning which leads to a faster CAC payback. This cannot be done in a marketing silo. Product and Data must be team players here.

5️⃣ Wes Bush

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Strategy or Tactic: Tactics

Growth lever = All levers


  • Web Bush (from https://productled.com/) has contributed more than most to the PLG community helping empower CEOs and future students of growth.

  • He’s back with a fantastic tidbit on PLG common mistakes:

    1. PLG is not tied to vision or strategy - it’s HOW you do business

    2. Your entire company doesn’t understand ICP

    3. You obsess over the model instead of the features

  • My take, I’ve personally experienced #2 in my role as a growth operator and I have to say, this has been the most challenging to prove across the entire company because of the multiple GTM motions within PLG aka bottoms-up, top-down, self-serve, sales-assist, etc. Each motion prioritizes a different user within the journey, but depending on where the user is in the journey, it complicates how you work together to acquire and retain those users.

6️⃣ Drew Teller - some updates from me 👋

  1. This week marks 7 months of TheProductLed Newsletter! 🎉 It’s been so much fun writing recaps and teardowns.

  2. I will be sharing some exciting new updates soon! Big things are ahead 😉 

  3. I am thinking about taking my newsletter into a new additional direction after gathering 7 months of data!

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